Interior Design, Property and Project Management, Furniture and Custom Commissions

Holly Burguières, a native of New Orleans, has a keen eye for details and will make sure that all design elements blend into an exquisite and refined atmosphere. Always conscious of her client’s preferences, taste and ideas, Holly presents different decorative options with corresponding budgets.

Project Management

  • Execution of projects from inception to completion.
  • Purchasing agent and/or design coordinator recommending reliable trades and resources including Architects, Engineers, Lighting Consultants and Contractors.
  • Database of quality professionals and craftsmen.
  • Color and fabric presentation boards. Furniture, accessories and wall coverings selection.
  • Project status reports, bookkeeping, tracking orders and deliveries.
  • On site supervision of trades and installations.
  • Sourcing quality products and cost effective services to meet client’s needs and budget.
  • International shipping and receiving. Commercial invoices and certificates of origin.
  • Art consultation, restoration, installation and framing.
  • Staging, props, furniture rental and cleaning services in coordination with real estate brokers.

Pricing of Services

  • Time spent on each activity is logged providing a detailed accounting of the processes involved in completing each task.
  • Services are charged at $150. an hour Time is billed in six minute increments.
  • All out-of-pocket expenses including Fed Ex, messenger services, travel, parking, postage and deliveries are logged in daily with receipts and considered reimbursable expenses.
  • Purchases of products and trade services are priced at net cost plus 10% commission.
  • All Property management clients are billed a monthly retainer and enjoy 24/7 access to our services.
  • Clients receive a monthly invoice payable within 10 days of receipt.

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