"This lovely tenant farmhouse is located in the heart of hunt country. Walls came down to create wide-open spaces and flush beams went in to carry the load. There are garden views and 360 degrees of light from every seat in the living room.

Although the ceilings are low, I created the illusion of height by reducing the size of the baseboard and increasing the scale of the crown molding. I reused the original interior doors to keep the farmhouse flavor and replaced the exterior doors with French doors to let in the light.

The floors are a rich chocolate brown and the walls have a gentle painted grade of blue to simulate sky around the fireplace. Curtain rods are made of plumbing pipes that intersect wall to wall on both ends of the room. They are finished in a wood veneer with matching rings and bold raffia-woven tie backs on voluptuous, double-lined, sherbet orange silk curtains."

Holly Burguières.

Prop-Positions Inc.