"Designing the New York offices of a prominent international airplane brokerage firm was a joy from inception to completion. The idea was to keep it light and airy, which we achieved with a camel carpet throughout, white leather and a brushed chrome palate, accented with AWAS blue.

The light ash conference table and Eames cream leather chairs are elegant and a little daring. The photo of Marilyn Monroe descending from a plane above the credenza and the large (92 inch x 58 inch) tree-top landscapes from the Everything is Looking Up series by Daniel Francis Gliubizzi send you soaring through the clouds: the perfect backdrop for selling aircraft.

In the reception area I designed a 1-inch thick plexiglass shelf unit floating on boxes painted the same color as the wall to land a fleet of model airplanes. Serious fun!"

Holly Burguières.

Prop-Positions Inc.

Photographs by Inigo de Amescua